Minor Collisions Can Bring About Serious Consequences to Your Car

You are on the road on a regular day to work, when all of a sudden you felt a jolt from behind. You pull over and recognize that your automobile has sustained some minor visible damage. A minor collision is not a serious accident, so people do not feel much anxiety. When they evaluate the damages, they realize the costs of repairing is manageable or not significant. As a result, most drivers will not get upset and move on with life.

Following are some of the common issues resulting from minor collisions.

Problems in Alignment from Minor Collisions

A small accident may unbalance the alignment of the automobile. A car can run easily and evenly when it is appropriately aligned. However, if the alignment is not aligned, this may cause the vehicle to drift in one direction and this will probably cause damage to the tires.

In addition, a misaligned automobile can cause tires to wear out faster, and replacement needs to be done. Also, misalignment can also result in a tire blowout, which can prove to be hazardous.

Exhaust Problems

A typical issue after a collision from the back of the car is damage to the exhaust pipe. If the pipe becomes deformed or twisted and the ability to remove toxic fumes is impeded, many issues can arise. From fumes entering the cabin of the automobile, reduced fuel economy or a fire may result from it.

Deformed Frame After Collision

Sometimes you may miss out the small dents and damages to the car frame right after an accident. Any small damage to the car frame can prevent the proper functioning of the airbag in a serious crash. A crooked frame will also restrict your automobile from absorbing impact from a strong collision.

Transmission Issues

All-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicles are particularly sensitive to transmission damage. Indications of an impaired transmission include clunking noises when automobile shifts gears and slow acceleration. When the damage is not repaired, this can lead to metal pieces breaking off from the gears, and accidentally moving into the cooling system, which can cause irreparable damage.

A damaged transmission must be fixed right after any form of accident; because damage can be compounded and will become extremely costly to repair.

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